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2/18 - There has been so much happening the last few months! We closed the first trimester, sent home progress reports for the second, had Global Play Day and have learned a lot! 

This week we will be starting week 3 of our Technology unit. We will then begin work with Making Decisions with a focus on character choices in Grimm Fairy Tales. 

We were gifted seat cushions, UNICEF kid power bands, and an iPad with iPencil for our class thanks to Students are going to begin working on menu choice boards to complete assignments and show what they know. More on this to come.

We are finishing our informative essays on why Bell and Edison wanted to be inventors.

11/19 - 11/23 - We have this week off for Thanksgiving break. We hope that you enjoy this week with your family, resting and recharging. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, November 26th. 

10/25 - Don't forget we have the Trunk or Treat this Friday! This has been a busy week! We have completed our district writing assessment. This is a two day, untimed assessment. Most students took several hours to complete the test. You should be proud of their hard work and diligence! 

We took our unit 2 math test which focused on multiplication and division strategies (arrays, groups, analyzing what the word problem is asking us to solve, and number patterns). We have begun unit 3 this week. This unit will focus on Operations (expand and trade; partial sums; graphing; multiplication).

We are going to be writing an opinion piece. We will start with writing book recommendations.  We will be posting our book recommendations to our blogs throughout the year. Look for the link and code in our ClassTag announcements in order to join the blog and comment on your child's blog as well as others in the class if you choose to.  

10/17 - We will be using ClassTag to communicate with parents and share school events, class photos, and up to date information about class happenings. 

You may also follow our Twitter feed @SpotonInThird. Mrs. Solis and Ms. Ryan are also available via our school emails: and  

In the coming week, we will begin week 2 of our unit on Character Traits/fables/myths/folktales. We will be taking our district writing test, and we will be wrapping up unit 2 in math. 

In order to share our class expectations, teaching philosophy, and daily schedule we will be hosting a parent night Tuesday, October 23, at 5 - 6 pm. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Trunk or Treat is Friday, October 26th. We hope you will be able to attend!

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