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I have lived in Northern CA since I was 7 years old and currently work in the district I graduated from. My mom, whom I was very close to, passed away 3 years ago, but my father and the rest of my immediate family (two brothers, a niece and nephew) still reside nearby. I live with Robert (my spouse) and our 13 year old dog, Bailey (who believes he is human). We are grateful for when we are able to spend time with Robert's 21 year old son. As a working college student he doesn't have a lot of time to spare but we are always happy when we can spend time with him. 

I have a passion for teaching, American History, reading, music, and old (1930s - 50s) movies. 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies, a Master’s of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, and a Doctorate in Instructional Leadership. I value education and believe that learning is a lifelong process that we should all enjoy. I taught second grade for 6 years and have been teaching third for the last 7 years, the last 3 as a 1:1 class. This is my first year as an Instructional Specialist (team teaching third grade and assisting other teachers in instructional strategies, lesson plans, and presenting professional development for the third grade teachers in our district). I am excited about this new adventure!


I come from a family of teachers.  Both my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle were teachers. It is in my genes! I grew up in Northern California in the Sacramento area, where both of my parents     taught.  I have two adult daughters, a son in high school and two beautiful grandchildren.

As an adult, I moved to Solano county and began teaching in Fairfield Unified School District in 1998. Most of my career has been in 4th and 5th grade, however I have taught K, 1st, 2nd and am beginning a new adventure as a 50% 3rd grade 1:1 teacher, 50% Instructional Specialist. I love teaching all subjects, however I have developed a love of math instruction and it has become my passion.

 I have a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing (I was convinced I wasn't going to become a teacher) and    my teaching credential from Brandman University and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education;    Curriculum and Instruction. Every opportunity that I am given, I am eager to learn something new!

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