Solano County History Curriculum

California state standards require third graders to learn about their local history. Solano County has a rich and diverse history. Teachers may want to use some, or all, of the resources below to teach their students about Solano County, 

Mrs. Joe Francisco Armijo (Jesus Maria)
 & granddaughter 1851Pioneers

José Francisco Armijo 
Where did Jose Francisco Armijo come from?
How did he get to what is now Solano County? 
How did he make his money before and after he asked for land in California?
Are there any sites/monuments named after him?
What else do we know?

General Vallejo
There is a lot of information about General Vallejo that can be found with a simple internet search. Check out the list of sites found here. Be prepared to answer these questions:
When and where was he born?
What was his job before and during the Mexican-American War?
What role did he have in the Bear Flag Revolt?
What did he do when he retired? How is this important to our local history?

Doña Francesca Maria Filipa Benicia Camilla De Vallejo 
Who was she?
What is she now known for?
What is an important legacy of this area?
What else do we know about her?
What are the key points about her legacy?

Captain Waterman
Captain & Cordelia Waterman
Where was he born?
When did he first go to sea?
What was his career at sea like?
When and why did he come to California?
Where and when did he move to California?
What happened there?
What do we know about his wife?
What are the key points about the land? (How did he get it?
What did he do with it? Why is that important?)

American Pioneers
Kit Carson and Jim Clyman were some of the first American pioneers to be seen in the area. Why were their actions important to settling the West? How do you think that impacted the founding of Solano County?

Native Americans

Who was he?
How did he get to be chief?
Why was the county named after him? 
Was he a hero? A villain? Something in between? What evidence do you have to prove this?

Five Native California Patwin Tribes in the Area
Suisunes also look at this site.

How did these tribes survive?
What did they eat? How did they prepare their food?
What were their homes like? What were they made of?
What three things did they use tule for?
What was their family life like?
What was their interaction with American pioneers?
Are there any full-blooded tribes members left? Why? Why not? What happened to them?

Patwin People's religion
What was a central belief of this religion?
What were some ways they celebrated/honored their god?

Petroglyphs (rock carvings)
Who made them?
Why were they made?
What do these signify?

Bedrock Mortars
What are these?
What were they used for?
How do we know this?

Other Local Places of Interest

Where did the name come from?
Who built the rock walls that survive today?
What important trail is Rockville a part of?
What caused the demise of the city?
What landmarks survive today?

Solano Mineral Springs and Suisun Soda Springs/Limestone Quarry
What makes these places unique to Solano County? 
How did they affect the local economy?
What lasting impact did they have on the area?

Mare Island
Navel history
How it was named

Suisun Marsh
Suisun Marsh Local Treasure
Imporant Bird Areas

Grizzly Island Wildlife Area

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