Monday, February 18, 2019

Quick Check In

Hi! It is has been a while since we added anything to our blog and we wanted to let you take a peek into what is going on in our classroom.

We recently participated in Global Play Day. The kids had so much fun using their imagination to create forts, games, and homes for their stuffed animals. Some of the kids invented games that we will be playing in class soon.

We are working on writing informative essays. Our prompt is: What made Bell and Edison want to become inventors?  Students have been working on writing a 4 paragraph essay to answer this question. We have been using pass/revise rubrics to judge our work and help our peers make necessary improvements.

These rubrics focus on 3 - 4 points for each day's writing. Students pass if they have everything on the rubric and have to revise their work if something is missing. Peers determine this and provide appropriate feedback to help each other improve their writing.

We have been focusing on strategies to help us solve multiplication problems with factors up to 10. Many students are able to solve problems but are having difficulty relating helper facts (near facts that help you solve a problem) to help them solve more difficult multiplication problems.

By the end of the school year, students should be able to quickly solve multiplication problems with factors up to 10. Once they learn their 0-5 facts it is just a matter of recognizing the 6-10 facts are turn around facts.

There are only 69 days left in the school year. It is flying by! There is still so much to learn and we are working hard to master all of our third grade standards.
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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year!
In a way I am sorry to see the holidays behind us. I love the last weeks before Christmas when decorations are up and we to do some fun things at school. Everything is so festive! This year we tried something new for our parent gifts (thank you Pinterest) and they turned out amazing.

Here is the link if anyone else wants to try these:

With the holidays over, I am also excited to be get back to school. These winter months are when everything starts clicking and the students really take off. I am anxious to see what they do.
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Monday, November 19, 2018

Trimester 1 is in the Books

It is amazing to realize that we are officially done with the first trimester of the school year and that we have two more before the end of the year. It is zooming by! Maybe because of the move and the new beginning, but even if we hadn't changed schools I think we would still be shocked to realize that it is already the end of November. 

Once again this year we have been impacted by Northern California fires. We ended up having the last day before break called due to smoke. This happened last year for three days as well. We are hopeful that this isn't a new normal for us. We pray those impacted by the fires are safe and sound and we are grateful that those we know who have family affected by the fires are all safe and will be able to come back from this tragedy. 

This is a time of year for counting our blessings. We have much to be thankful for. We are grateful for the class we have (we are SO lucky to get the opportunity to get to know and work with these 21 amazing kids), the staff we are getting to know, and a supportive administration. We are grateful that the class we left has a teacher who loves them as we do, and who has welcomed us back to see the kids. 

We are grateful for our families near and far, their love, and support. We know that we would not have been able to make the shift from one school to another without their help. 

We are grateful for so much! We hope that you have a lot to be grateful for as well and that you have family and friends that you can share your holiday with! 


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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Donors Choose Request: Eradicating Hunger One Footstep at a Time

As teachers at a Title 1 site for many years Mrs. Solis and I have participated in the UNICEF
Power Band project several times. These bands are usually free or provided for free through a grant for Title 1 students. This year we are no longer at a Title 1 site so will not receive the bands for free. We thought we would not have the opportunity to participate in this program this year due to the cost of the bands without the grant.
Then I received an email stating that for a limited time there was a donors' match for projects that request the UNICEF Power Bands. This is our chance to try to bring this project to our new school. I immediately created a project requesting funds to receive the bands for our new class. 
The UNICEF Power Band program is a worthwhile project that teaches students empathy, wellness, and community service all from wearing an activity band and exercising. Throughout the year students will earn Therapeutic Food Units (TFUs) for those who are at risk of dying from hunger. All they have to do is move! In addition to the bands, we will receive lesson plans to teach students about other cultures and about the way kids live in the countries the TFUs are helping.
We are hopeful that we will be able to have our students participate in this program and since there is a donors' match we "only" need half of what the project shows. We know that $447.50 is still a lot of money, particularly at this time of year. But...we are hopeful. All we need is 45 people to give $10. That is about the same price of a visit to Starbucks or a fast food meal. We are hopeful and we know that with your help we will be able to make this project a reality! 
So even though we know that this is a busy time of year, we are hoping that you will be able to help us fund this project and share the link with others.
Thank you so much!
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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Taking On a New Class

Here we are! It is done! Maria and I are officially at Cordelia Hills and are now Coyotes! The move wasn't easy. In order to welcome our new class, we had to say goodbye to our class at Anna Kyle. It is a bittersweet transition. 

We are ecstatic to be at Cordelia Hills and to welcome our new class. We have a wonderful class and it is going to be an amazing year! 

In our first three days, we participated in the annual Fun Run, the Great American Shakeout - earthquake drill, and an assembly to see Mr. Trotter pelted with water balloons by a first grade class who had perfect attendance. 

It is exciting to be on this new adventure and to start a new class. We can't wait for the adventure to begin!

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

New Adventures Ahead!

There is a time each year when the class just clicks and you know it. You have got this and the class is no longer a group of kids but a class, a single unit, united it seems not just in learning but in making the class a family of sorts. This happened early in the year for this class and we are so grateful for that. This group of kids has been a blast to work with. So it is with heavy hearts that we have to say goodbye to them this week. 

You see, we accepted a new position at another school in our district. We will still be teaching third grade and coaching, but our home site will be different. That means we have to say goodbye to this group of kids, to our team, and to our site to begin a new adventure with a new class, new team, and new site. We are excited about this new chapter in our lives. We are excited about the opportunity we have to make this change and for the class, we are about to start. 

This is a week of mixed emotions as we end our time with one class and start a new year with a new group of kids who will now be "ours." It's very exciting, and a little scary, and even somewhat sad, but it is happening and we can't wait to see what the future holds! 

We hope that you will join us on this new adventure as we make our way through third grade. 

We will begin podcasting our adventures soon! Stay tuned! 
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sentence Surgery! Room Transformation Lesson

After reading The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King I (Stacie) decided that we needed to become super creative with some of the content we teach.

At the beginning of the year, it always seems that third graders have a sudden issue with punctuation, capitalization, and subject-verb agreement. This year I wanted to do something crazy to help students focus on this and to really take what they are doing to heart.

Maria and I decided to do sentence surgery and create an experience the kids would not forget.

Is there a doctor in the house? There were 26 in fact! It was the most amazing lesson and the kids couldn't stop talking about it. In hindsight, it was simple to plan and to undertake but it was a jump off the creative bridge into the unknown - this lesson could have gone south quickly- but it was all worth it!
Mrs. Lopez ready for surgery
I bought isolation gownso.r. caps, and face masks from Amazon. Don't you just love Amazon? The gowns were a bit pricey ($45) but I got 100 of them so I can use them for future lessons.  I created a sentence fragments and complete sentences to provide each pair of students. The intention was that they would match up the fragments and make complete sentences but it turned out so much better than that because the kids cut up all of the sentence fragments and created complex sentences using different pieces of several different original pairs that I had planned.
number of

Maria and I went out to pick up our class from lunch in our gear - we told the kids that there was an emergency in our room and that they would all need to conduct surgery in order to save the many patients that they had waiting. They were so excited and shocked by what was happening.
makingoverthirdgrade.blogspot.comMaria, our vice principal, Mrs. Lopez, and I put each student in their operating outfits and had them stand by their tables. They were given directions to discuss their "patients" and to diagnosis what was wrong before making any surgical decisions. They were completely engaged, Maria and I gained a lot of formative assessment information about
students and they are all working very hard now to ensure that they continue to correctly use capitals and punctuation correctly.

Mrs. Lopez recorded the lesson for us, you can see the majority of it (the last 10 minutes are not recorded as she had to leave the room to address another issue) here.

Students couldn't wait to share what they did when they got home and many of them took the gowns with them to show their parents. We kept the caps and masks for future work editing and revising our work. The kids put them on when editing and revising and they love it!

What is one of the most engaging lessons you have taught? What gave you the idea for approaching it the way you did?

**Please note that this post is cross-posted to my blog, Making Over Third Grade.**
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