Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Blasting Off Into a New Year!

This year got off to a busy start! We welcomed kids back on Monday, August 26th. (Yes, it has been 3 weeks already. I can hardly believe it!) We started the year with a space theme from our room transformation, following the moonwalk on the JFK Library MoonShot app, and passing out space-related gear.  The kids were excited and so were we! 

We completed a number of STEM and team-building activities. One of my favorite being the Cheeto challenge which I found on Twitter (posted by @EducatorSanchez). The kids were given a Cheeto to analyze. Without marking or altering their Cheeto in any way they had to select their Cheeto from a number of others after they were all placed on a paper towel. We mixed in other "decoy" Cheetos but we couldn't fool these kids - no way! They took great notes and were very observant! 

We have started our persuasive writing essays and boy do they have ideas! I love the way this class just jumps right in and gets started. I can't wait to share their essays with their parents. 

We are going on our first field trip next week and we are taking public transportation. Wish us luck! 
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