Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Change is Good! Adding a New Partner

Life is great in third grade! Change can be good too! As you know, Mrs. Solis left our class for a class of her own and that meant getting a new partner for me. We found one - Ms. Villarreal - it helps that she has been my best friend for 15 years. I think that this will be a great fit. Now the three of us are once again at the same school and on the same grade level. This time though Mrs. Solis will be working on her own. This doesn't mean that she can't - or won't - be posting here. We decided that this collaborative blog should stay that way and rather than remove her from the blog and add Ms. Villarreal we would simply add Ms. Villarreal to our blog. So from here on out, there will be posts from the three of us about what is happening in third grade - what we are up to and things that are happening in our classes.

The parent pages on this site will remain in effect for Ms. Ryan and Ms. Villarreal's class. Mrs. Solis will let her parents know what applies to her classroom (as many of the procedures and beliefs will the same in both classes (it seemed silly to have her recreate what has already been done).

We look forward to sharing our new adventures in third grade with you all once school starts on August 26, 2019.

Stay posted for the fun to begin!
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