Sunday, October 6, 2019

What a Way to Begin!

This year has been amazing! Yes, I know we have only been in school for 6 weeks. But that is 16% of the school year! By now the honeymoon has worn off. Students are comfortable, the teachers are comfortable, rules have been firmly established (one would hope), and the hard work of learning has been underway for quite some time. 

Yet, this year, with this class, it doesn't feel like 6 weeks have passed. It feels like we have been together much longer than that in terms of the relationships we have built and the way our class runs. We are laughing, learning, and having fun together and it is fabulous! 

Sure, the grading is starting to stare me down, progress reports are due in a few days, and there is so much I think we should have already completed or accomplished. But it has only been 6 weeks. In many ways, it is still early in the year and we are still practicing what will be like a well-oiled machine in a few more weeks.

We are getting there. 

This is a great class. Ms. Villarreal and I have so many fun things planned. We are off to a fan-tab-u-lous start!
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