Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And Away We Go!

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This is a very exciting time as we embark on a new adventure as instructional specialists for third TK-8). Each team consists of two teachers who will share a classroom as well as assisting other grade level teachers with lessons, strategies, and whatever else we think of along the way.
grade. This is a new position that our district has created (there is to be a team at every grade level

I know for me (Stacie) this is a BIG deal. I have been very nervous about the prospect of sharing my classroom, my kids, and my lesson plans. I have gone back and forth on whether this was a good choice for me but I KNOW it is. I know that my partner, Maria, and I will make this work and after all of the nerves have passed I have fewer reservations and more excitement about learning from Maria and those that I assist, just as I hope that they will learn from me.

So here we go! Let the adventure begin!


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