Saturday, April 22, 2017

Testing Time is Here

I keep telling myself that I will be more on top of blogging. I keep promising myself that I will be better about my time management. I have failed at that this year, but I have high hopes for next year!

In the meantime, we will be getting ready for testing which will be here in just 2 weeks! We are in the midst of test prep. Each year this is so frustrating for me.because I hate standardized testing. I do my best to be upbeat and get the kids ready to take the tests but it is all an act. I hate covering the walls and hiding our room. I hate practicing how to answer test questions, I hate spending time on the practice tests and on the actual tests.

I would say that I can't wait for the test to be over but then there will be only 4 weeks left in the school year and that just makes me sad. I do not like saying goodbye to my classes. I hate letting go of "my kids." I will survive it and I will get all excited about next year's class. So here is to the goodbyes and the hellos that are coming our way.

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