Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sharing is Caring; Co-Teaching Has Changed Me

As some of you may know, I say what I am thinking or feeling, often without a filter. It is a curse and a blessing. This year with this new job, I was worried. Not just about the job - though that too, but about how I would be able to handle sharing MY domain, MY classroom, MY life. We got off to a rocky start as we tried to find our way each working in her own lane and only moving in the traffic of the other when necessary. (Why the road analogy I have no idea but it works.) We have now created a classroom TOGETHER, we have created OUR classroom, and it has IMPROVED MY life. I have become a better teacher through the process of sharing my classroom for the past four weeks. I am better at seeing what I am doing from another point of view, explaining the rationale for what I want to do, and learning from what the other has to bring to the table.

Sure I have been self-conscious at times. I mean, I am out there - really out there - when  I teach. We make noise, we use voices, we are physical. I tried to be more subdued but that wasn't me. I have embraced who I am as a teacher. Relished it even. I bring something unique to the class - I bring me.

In the past week I have been in several other classes and it has been eye-opening. For someone who never saw herself in any grades other than the 2-4 band I have enjoyed my time in first and fifth grade classes. I have been me - loud, a bit crazy, and firm - in each of these rooms and I have become more comfortable with being who I am as a teacher when other adults are in the room. This is HUGE.

I am excited about the coming weeks and the adventures they hold. What have you been the most surprised, or transformed, by so far this year?

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