Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I have not been posting here as much as I should be. This is something I will be working on in the
coming weeks and months. I get so caught up in the day to day happenings that I often forget to reflect and celebrate what is going on in our classroom.

In recent weeks I have been working with other teachers helping them with lesson planning, classroom management, modeling lessons, and coaching. This has been rewarding beyond measure! I have never been one to want to leave the classroom and this new position is affording me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. I get to teach my own class and still be able to help others and it is something I love doing. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this job.

In recent weeks however, I have been neglecting myself and not taking care of my health or family. I was dealing with a reoccurring cold and cough that made it hard to breathe and my depression was starting to overwhelm me. The holidays are hard since my mom passed away and I have had to struggle to fight the darkness. Having Maria, my friends, and family who are there for me no matter what has helped but in the end, it is I who have to claw my way out and back to civilization. Finding balance has been key to this.

I have never been one who could find balance. I have always worked too much. It is something I enjoy so I didn't really see it as a burden. I still don't, but with what is essentially two jobs rolled into one, I have had to find balance in order to save my sanity, as well as that of those around me. :)

I am grateful for friends who make me think about more than work, for Robert who has begun to implement date nights (yay!), and for starting weekly dinners with Dad. These are all things I am grateful for this year. I hope that as you prepare for the holidays that you too can spend time with those you love, and who love you. In the end that is all that really matters.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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