Monday, January 2, 2017

Celebrating with Oriental Trading

Author's Note: This post was in draft format and I thought it was posted. I went in and realized it wasn't much to my embarrassment. It is a sponsored post. I am extremely grateful to the folks at Oriental Trading for providing these wonderful materials to my class and I am extremely sorry that the post they asked for in exchange for the goods was not posted as promised. :(

The time after Thanksgiving and before winter break always flies by before I can even get a quarter of the things I wish to do completed. This year working with Maria, we were able to get nearly everything done and that was well...frankly, just freaking amazing!

We started by making salt dough ornaments. I love making these with the kids each year even though it is loud, messy, and a bit chaotic. It is still one of my favorite activities of the year. This year we were able to paint them with the tempera paints we received from Oriental Trading in September. These paints are awesome and they are going to help make several projects perfect this year. The kids loved that there were so many color choices and then there was glitter too! They love glitter. I love glitter. Evidence of this project will be in our carpet for several more weeks (or maybe even months) but it is well worth it.
We then created these pom pom ornaments. The package came with enough for each student to create 2 each. It was interesting that even with directions how their personalities showed through in the way they decided to add the pom poms.

We had plans do to these bell ornaments as well but with the sing along, assessments, and regular curriculum that had to be completed we just didn't have time (or lets face it, the patience) to get them done so they went home in their winter goody bags for them to create at home.

spotoninthird.comEach year I create paper stockings and add candy canes to them for the kids and to use as decorations in the room. This year I didn't have the time to do that but they still got the candy! There were enough of these peppermint sticks for each of our students to have 2 of them and for a first grade class to have one each as well!

My love of Snoopy knows no bounds and these stickers and pencils were just too cute to pass up. I gave out the stickers throughout the last 2 weeks in class and then each student was given one more as well a pencil to take home in their goody bags. I love them so much I couldn't help but get the Valentine's Day ones as well. I just love Snoopy and these stickers make the kids and I smile. The only thing that would make them better is if they were smelly stickers but we can't have everything can we?

These goody bags are WAY larger than I anticipated. They were the size of a standard notebook. (Note to self: read the specs next time before ordering bags). They are too cute though and made me smile so of course the kids had to have these as well. They ended up being perfect for them to take home all of their goodies as well as their finished projects.
If you are looking to add some new things, easy crafts, or just some winter flair to your class in December then don't forget to go to Oriental Trading to make all of your winter magic come to life. 

Please note that this is a sponsored post, Oriental Trading provided the materials mentioned. but that all opinions are my own. 

What are your winter craft plans?

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